CEDIA NEWS: Control your home entertainment system with your iPhone or iPod Touch

24 Jun 2008

Apple Air Remote
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Now here's something really cool: a third-party application that turns your Apple iPhone (including the new 3G model) or iPod Touch into a universal remote control for your entire home entertainment system.

Air remote is Apple-approved and can be used to operate your TV, Sky TV box, DVD player, iTunes and as part of an AMX or Crestron control system. It's due to be launched as a download from iTunes in July, at a cost of $99.

The system can also be used as part of an AMX or Crestron control system and will give full control of lighting and blind systems, as well as digital media libraries. It can even be used with the Kaleidescape multiroom movie system.

The interface uses Apple's touch-screen technology and the on-screen menu resembles that of Sky TV. You can just flick the screen to change channels on the TV, or adjust the volume.

If you download Air remote from the iTunes App Store, you can set it up to control a simple music and TV set-up yourself, with no programming required. More complex installations will need to be undertaken by a custom install specialist.

Air remote will also sell an optional IR extender to use with the system for £100.

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A bit like NetRemote you can have on a PDA then? just a lot more expensive!

Will it control iTunes i wonder? That may be interesting. Mind you i had that on my PDA for a while and it was interesting for about a day, but then i found myself not using it. It's probably just me!