Cambridge Audio Minx Xi is £600 all-in-one streaming system

18 Sep 2013

Cambridge Audio Minx Xi

Cambridge Audio has announced the Minx Xi, a new all-singing, all-dancing streaming system with aptX Bluetooth, high-res audio support and analogue and digital inputs.

The Minx Xi is the latest addition to Cambridge Audio's Minx family of wireless speakers, which includes the Minx Air 200 and Minx Go.

This latest system has more in common with the NP30 streamer, but sports a smart new front panel, and aims to be the "digital music system that simply plays it all" with wider file support and enhanced connectivity.

Boasting "audiophile components" such as the 24-bit/96kHz Wolfson WM8728 DAC, the external clocking system from the NP30 and a 40 watt Class AB amplifier, the Minx Xi has 2.1 speaker connections and a hefty complement of connections.

Minx Xi

Alongside aptX Bluetooth streaming from compatible computers, smartphones and tablets, there are wired and wireless connections for getting the Minx Xi on your home network. Once connected you can stream from UPnP devices such as a PC or NAS drive, and access thousands of internet radio stations.

There's support for a wide range of audio formats incluiding 24-bit/96kHz streaming of high-resolution 24-bit FLAC and WAV files, and 88.2kHz files.

Elswhere you'll find three analogue RCA connections for connecting traditional hi-fi components, plus digital coaxial and digital optical inputs and two USB inputs, which will charge portable devices.

A remote control is supplied or Cambridge Audio's Android and iOS Stream Magic remote apps are available to take control with your phone or tablet.

The Cambridge Audio Minx Xi will be available in October, priced at £600.

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by Joe Cox

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Minx Xi vs. Marantz MCR-610?? Your thoughts regarding sound quality only? Thank you very much!

Hi wsprhino, do you mean wma format, not wmp? Yes, these should play fine. We've actually just reviewed the product in question and our review will be online shortly!

can anyone help, please.

I have ripped all my cds in mp3 and wmp format at 192kbps.

will I be able to play these on the Minx Xi?



I bought mine in the Richer Sounds sale and I think it is the best £499 I've ever parted with. Sounds good, looks good, a breeze to use...what's not to like?

Cambridge Audio should be very proud of this little marvel.

The MInx Xi is simply AWESOME and after a bad experience with the Simple Audio Roomplayer 1 (not Simple at all) it answers all of my needs and more.

Sounds great with my MA BX5's and I'm still exploring the internet radio.

5/5 maybe a 6/5 as my amp does go that high Smile

And there's that "secret shiny box".  ;-) 

The display-text is, just like NP30, also blue. It al looks like a very nice piece of equipment.

And for 192k files, this unit will do fine for many people and won't miss and/or buy 192k anyway.

I've been using one of these for about 3 months now beta testing. Funnily enough using it with some Neat Iotas. My observations:

The pictures don't do it justice. The display whilst similar to the NP30 is a much classier affair as it appears slightly tinted. The casework in black is also a really nice piano gloss. It has vents in the top similar to it's big brother & really is quite heavy. My father's Marantz CR-610 feels a bit flimsy by comparison.

With the Neats, it really is a stunning little system. Okay it doesn't accept 24/192 files but to be honest, I don't miss them. Even played through my main system (SM6 to QBD76 to ModWright LS100 to ATC20As) I really don't think there's a discernable difference between 96 and 192.

It has both pre outs & sub out although in my context, the Neats provide all I need.

I use it as a second system with my Mac plugged into it via a M2Tech USB/SPDIF converter. I also use it via the Network (wired) with a WHS running Asset PnP. It is really responsive & quick at finding/playing the tunes. The iPad app works really well. I haven't compared it with other all in one systems but I think it'll be there or there abouts when WHF do a group test and announce a winner.

I am obviously going to be slightly biaised as I am a fan of CA & beta test for them but I think this is a really nice product which represents good VFM. Agree with the name though!

Compared with the Marantz CR-610 this actually is not great value. Plus the 610 can handle full-fat 24/192 audio. So what exactly is all the fuss about?

I think the reason for skimping on the display is the expectation you'll download the Stream Magic app to your tablet or phone of choice and use that.

For £600 this looks like a very impressive bit of kit which I'll definitely be auditioning. It would be interesting to see how this would fare in a group test against the likes of a Naim UnitiQute 2 or Cyrus Stream X2

Dreadful name (anyone old enough to remember the Hillman And that screen's a bit of a throwback too. At 600 quid surely they could stretch to a full colour LCD/ OLED for album art/ across-the-room legibility?

Now wouldn't that be nice connected to a pair of Neat Iotas? and maybe a sub later?