BT Vision joins forces with YouView

27 Sep 2012

BT Vision YouViewBT Vision will launch on YouView set-top boxes next month allowing you to access to on-demand and pay-per-view content from the BT Vision platform.

Earlier today we were given a look at what’s going to be on offer using Humax’s DTR-T1000 YouView box, although BT tells us it will also launch its own branded YouView unit in the coming months.

You can use the Humax’s search function to hunt down TV programmes, movies and music, and anything that's available on BT Vision can be launched at the touch of a button.

Alternatively, if you want to access the service’s full functionality you can press a BT logo which transports you to the BT Vision home screen from where you can browse areas of content such as TV shows, Kids TV, sports programmes and music videos.

The only caveat is the same one which currently exists for any non BT Vision customer: you need a BT broadband connection and a BT Vision subscription, the minimum fee for which is currently £4 per month (and this is set to rise to £5 from January 2013), in order to access BT Vision content on YouView.

BT is currently offering people who sign up to its BT Infinity broadband service a free £299 Humax YouView box

BT Sports Channel
BT also discussed its plans for the coming months and 2013. Of course, the big news is that BT Vision will be launching its own sports channel.

The channel will feature live Premier League football in the 2012/13 season and Rugby Union matches for the first time ever.

BT also confirmed that they’re in discussions to showcase additional flagship sporting events.

More channels
Before Christmas, BT Vision will add 20 more channels to its current service, including National Geographic, The History Channel, while this number will rise to 50 in the new year with the addition of more handpicked channels. Also on the roadmap for BT is a multiroom solution. 

BT Vision is set to launch on YouView on October 26th and you can pre-order your interest now.

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This is the official response from BT:

The YouView from BT box will continue to work even if a customer leaves BT.  Customers who leave BT will not have access to the BT on-demand service.
YouView from BT will launch on the 26th October and we are working to ensure our customer service advisors are fully up to speed on the service.


I have just received an offer from BT vision which would enable me to obtain a youview box for a £49 activation fee plus £7 delivery fee and £4 per month increasing to £5 from January for a period of twelve months. This is a total of £113 compared with the outright purchase of the Humax box between £249 and £299. A good saving. However BT have informed me that at the end of the 12 month contract, the box would belong to me but the functionality of the box would not work. For example Freeview channels and iplayer etc. I asked for clarification as I believed only BT channels would be blocked. 

I see no mention of this in the above article perhaps What Hifi could investigate further so that people know exactly what they can and can't receive when they no longer subscibe to BT Vision.