BT Sport signs £900m Champions League TV deal

9 Nov 2013

BT Vision

Sky and ITV have suffered a major blow with the news that BT Sport has clinched exclusive rights to broadcast all 350 Champions League matches each season from 2015.

The £897m deal will end two decades of live Champions League football on terrestrial TV.

BT says it has "shaken up the UK TV market" and will make some games, including finals, free to air. "I am thrilled that BT Sport will be the only place where fans can enjoy all the live action from the Champions League and Europa League," says BT chief executive Gavin Patterson.

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Sky is probably less thrilled, saying the deal was "far in excess" of its own valuation for the broadcast rights. The contract, worth close to £300m a season, is more than double the cost of the current deal.

BT says it will show at least one match involving each participating British team for free during each season. Prices for the other games have not yet been announced.

Clearly the telecoms company is determined to use sport to woo more customers over to its broadband, phone and TV services. It has already secured the rights to 38 Premier League games a season and bought ESPN TV channels earlier this year, bringing live FA Cup, Scottish Premier League, German Bundesliga and UEFA Europa League football to the new BT Sport TV service.

Is this a good deal for fans or not? What do you think? Post your comments in the box below.

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So how much will this increase bills for people who have NO interest in Association Football?  They are not going to recoup this cost from sport subscribers, so the ordinary BT phone and broadband customers will be subsidising the footie lovers.

Fortunately I have no interest in footie and wouldn't have BT as a gift.  But their pricing structures drive the market so we will all end up paying for this grossly offensive amount of money being given to people who don't need or deserve the money they get now.

yeah bad news.

the current split means I get to watch lots of games for free. I'm not a sky or bt subscriber, and don't want to be.

will semis and final still be free?

Very bad news.