There's money to be saved on some of our favourite turntables, thanks to these great offers.

We've rounded up the best deals on some of our favourite decks, including models from Flexson, Pro-Ject and Sony. Whether you're a hardened vinyl fan, or just want to try it now that sales are soaring, there's guaranteed to be a turntable here to suit your needs.

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Sony PS-HX500

Original price £369 / Now £299 at various retailers

An entertaining turntable, with the impressive ability to rip vinyl to hi-res files.

Sony PS-HX500 review

Flexson VinylPlay

Tested at £250 / Now £200 at Amazon

A perfect turntable if you’re taking your first steps into the world of vinyl. It plays nicely with Sonos too.

Flexson VinylPlay review

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Lenco L-175

Tested at £400 / Now £190 at Currys

A convenient digital deck, which delivered so-so sound for £400, but is now much more tempting at less than half price.

Lenco L-175 review

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Tested at £325 / Now £320 on Amazon

Buy a five-star Pro-Ject turntable and you can save £30 (full price has gone up to £350) with this deal. 

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon review

Crosley Cruiser

Original price £80 / Now £55 at Amazon

We don't rate this turntable - no, really, we don't - but if you really want a suitcase turntable from Crosley, it is on offer. But we still wouldn't buy it.

Crosley Cruiser review