BBC Red Button service upgraded for internet TVs

4 Dec 2012

The BBC's Red Button service is being upgraded to make it compatible with internet-connected TVs.

The Connected Red Button service will enable viewers with internet TVs the opportunity to watch some channels even if they are off air, and to catch up with previous episodes of some shows.

It will offer additional streams and clips from sporting events, plus news and weather headlines. Viewers will initially have access to CBBC, CBeebies, BBC Three and Four.

The service will first be offered via Virgin Media's TiVo box, with more internet-capable TVs being added in the coming months.

Daniel Danker, general manager of BBC Programmes and On-Demand, says: "The BBC is seamlessly bringing the internet together with live TV, while making the technology completely invisible. This is Red Button reinvented, and the beginning of the exciting future of television."

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Wow, someone got out of bed on the wrong side, carrying a very large chip on their shoulder wilsonlaidlaw. I, for one would like this service. Fibre optic is currently being installed in my (not very urban area) as it will be soon in most of the country. The price quoted to me is reasonably affordable and to my mind good value compared with the like of Sky subscriptions. I also enjoy Dab radio but will admit having little experience of it in cars.  It is wrong to assume one's own opinions necessarily reflect everyone elses.

This is I am sure, just fine for the idiot, self-centred Tristrams, living in Notting Hill Gate and Islington, with their high speed fibre optic connections and who currently run the BBC. For the rest of us living in the real world, with rubbish low speed broadband and no options, it is pants.

Give us back the proper Red Button service that we used to have on Sky and Freesat and stop wasting money on an urban-centric service, that will only benefit the few. Another case of the BBC, just like DAB, foisting a poor quality service on us that nobody wants and has no real benefit except to radio/TV manufacturers. Anyone tried to listen to DAB out in the country on a DAB car radio -  it doesn't work. I have a horrible suspicion that Freesat may be the next delivery system to go, to be replaced by this useless internet service.

I really hope Tony Hall, the new DG, wields a very stiff broom extremely forecefully and sweeps out all this stupid "blue sky thinking". He should make the BBC get back to basics. A decent service of high quality output, delivered to the whole nation equally. 


Happy as always then LHC. All joking aside, I concurr, even though I have a 60mb connection apparently, well thats what virgin tell me, I really dont, it simply wont be seamless.

Lets pause for breath with the constant upgrades and wait until most people have a broadband connection that can cope, timed i see with chancellors statement today ref further cities recieving 'Super coneected city" status (coughs and laughs) as part of the " best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015" committment by the department for culture media and sport.

Shall we see how that pans out then.......


So this an entirely internet delivered system, great, that's going to work well with my slow broadband and usage cap, particularly now the satellite red button service has been utterly castrated...