BBC Playlister to be iPlayer for music

3 Oct 2012

The BBC is working on BBC Playlister an 'iPlayer for music' that will deliver a streaming music service similar to Spotify but with the added bonus of archive BBC radio content.

After the huge success of the BBC iPlayer, it seems Playlister will attempt to achieve a similar success with a streaming music service.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Playlister could partner with iTunes or Spotify to harness their huge music libraries of streaming music.

Furthermore, the streaming music service looks likely to integrate with existing archived BBC radio content.

The Telegraph reports a BBC spokesman pointing to the importance of BBC radio: “The BBC is regularly in conversation with digital music providers about how we strengthen radio’s position as the number one place for discovering music in the UK”.

The Playlister initiative is set for launch later this year or in early 2013.

BBC iPlayer left beta and went live on 25th December 2007, since when it has gone from strength to strength, hitting 1.94 billion requests for programmes in 2011.

BBC iPlayer is now on more than 550 devices including smart TVs as well as tablets and phones, and now allows you to download your favourite shows to watch later.

UPDATE: BBC Playlister launches in beta mode

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In that case I think it is a splendid idea.  Whoever gets Apple and Spotify to assist in this should be the next head of the United Nations.

According to The Telegraph, "it will give licence-fee payers free access to hundreds of thousands of music recordings without paying any additional fees".

So is this going to be a service that the BBC charges for?  Are they allowed to charge in the uk for their services to licence fee payers?

Just how helpful and co-operative are the above mentioned orgs going to be with a competitor like the BBC?  I don't recall Apple being very cosy and snuggly with competitors.