Banish remote control clutter with the Philips SRU8008

20 Jun 2008

Philips SRU8008
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With the arrival of digital TV and high-def sources bringing more products – and more remote controls – into the home, Philips is aiming to make controlling your home entertainment system simpler with its new SRU8008 universal remote.

It can control up to eight devices from a choice of 26 different categories, and covers products from most of the main consumer electronics manufacturers.

There's an advanced on-screen set-up wizard with simple instructions which remove the need to program the device with a PC.

The SRU8008 features a 1.4in, 96 x 67 resolution full-colour screen, a rotary control and white backlighting for easier navigation.

Macros can be programmed into the device to carry outt multiple commands at the press of a single button via the Activities keys.

Part of the Philips Prestigo range, the SRU8008 costs £59. And if you have more than eight devices in your system, the SRU8015 model (£99) can control up to 15 home entertainment devices, which should be more than enough for even the most hardened AV enthusiast.


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Thought the idea of HDMI connectors was that they carried data as well as digital sound and vision. ie only one remote could be required.

Will we be seeing a review of this, I interested in getting universal remote but knowledge of that area is bit poor