Arcam drDock clocks in at £200

20 Apr 2012

Arcam drDock

We first saw the Arcam drDock for iPad/iPhone at CES in January, and then the Bristol Show in February.

It's now available in the UK for £200 through Arcam dealers. Made from aluminium and shaped to accommodate all iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch models, it's designed to deliver better sound via the built-in DAC through a direct digital connection to the docked device.

Arcam drDock

The USB connection allows both syncing and charging of iPhone/iPod (but not iPad) when connected to a PC or Mac.

Arcam drDockThere's an HDMI output for transferring video from your iDevice to your TV, or to connect the drDock to an AV receiver.

Additional connectivity includes SPDIF digital and analogue outputs.

A remote control is provided as standard, and the drDock can also be controlled by the Arcam Solo neo and Solo mini music systems, plus many Arcam AV amps and the T32 DAB tuner, using their remotes.

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Quick update: we're filming an unboxing video tomorrow, so that and the review should be online before the end of this week.

Apologies, yes it did. We're at that very busy time of year when we get loads of new kit submitted for Awards consideration, and squeezing it all into the mag can be a struggle. We'll run an online unboxing video and review as soon as we can.

No sign of the review in September issue. Did it get bumped again?

Apologies jakk, I think it got bumped to September due to page constraints. I'll check on Monday morning when I'm back in the office.

Where is this review? I bought the August issue but can't find any review about Arcam drdock...

Yes, you could use the left and right analogue outputs to connect to a pair of active speakers.

Could this be connected to a pair of active or powered speakers to produce a simple iPod stereo system?

Can you stream music from a computer via the USB input like the Onkyo NDS-1 or am I jumping the gun? 

It has a built in DAC and output digital signal via SPDIF? So for SPDIF, it bypasses the internal DAC?

jerryyeatman wrote:
I thought digital audio wasn't supported by the itouch/iphone connector... so what use is the DAC?

Yes, the dock connector on these devices can output digitally to a compliant dock, receiver, network player or whatever, so the Arcam takes the sound in digital form and converts it to analogue before outputting it.

I thought digital audio wasn't supported by the itouch/iphone connector... so what use is the DAC?

It will be reviewed in our August issue, on sale June 29th.

Interested - but is it any good ? Quite pricey for what it does, so you would think it should sound good ?

Any news on a review please.