AQ Audio SmartSpeaker gets lower price and new colours

14 Jun 2013

AQ Audio SmartSpeaker A2

AQ Audio has expanded its SmartSpeaker wireless speaker with the addition of a new, cheaper model – the £129 A2 – available in a range of new colours. Unlike the original A1 model which has a built-in rechargeable battery, the A2 is mains-powered only.

One-touch AirPlay set-up lets you stream music from iTunes, internet radio, Spotify and audio from films and TV programmes. Two A2s can be set up as a stereo pair (when streaming via iTunes on a PC or laptop), and if you already own a SmartSpeaker A1 it will be fully compatible with the A2.

Android users are also catered for: the free AQ Audio Android App available in the Google Play store will stream audio from any Android device to the A2.

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AQ Audio has teamed up with AirFoil, the popular software that enables you to send audio on your Mac or PC to one or multiple AQ SmartSpeakers, offering a 40% discount on the software when you buy any SmartSpeaker.

The A2 is available with interchangeable covers in the following colours: emerald green, poppy red, african violet and orange zest. A single SmartSpeaker A2 costs £129, a twin pack £235 and four pack £454.

By Andy Clough


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The A1 was officially £259 when we first tested it, but it's true to say the price has now fallen to around £159 on the likes of Amazon. The press release we were sent on the A2 was a little ambiguous, so we're seeking clarification on whether the A2 replaces the A1 or not.

Hmm - that's not quite right. The original speaker was £159 (and it still is), the new speaker doesn't have a battery, so it's a cheaper model not a lower price, maybe a lower price point.