Apple launches 'iTunes in the cloud' movies in the UK and Ireland

20 Jul 2012

iTunes cloud

Apple has brought its iTunes in the cloud film service to the UK, Ireland and 38 other countries, following its launch in the US last year.

The service lets subscribers watch films bought on iTunes through their iPad or iPhone, downloading them from the cloud when required.

Apple says it has secured rights deals with major studios including Universal, Warner Bros, ABC-Disney, Fox, Paramount and Sony Pictures to make films such as Sherlock Holmes and Bridesmaids available from today.

This latest development means UK users can store music, music videos, movies, TV shows, apps and books purchased through iTunes in the cloud.

Rivals such as Google and Amazon have yet to agree rights deals with the Hollywood studios to allow cloud-based storage of films in the UK.

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iOS devices can only download from iCloud not stream. AppleTV can stream movies from iCloud. 

I think it looks brilliant.

Are you sure about that?  iTunes seems to be under the impression you can only re-download not stream previously pruchased items.


AppleTV may allow the content to be streamed though.