Apple goes slim with new iPod nano and trimmed iPod Touch

9 Sep 2008

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We were at the live launch of Apple's latest products, which revealed a number of new products and software updates, plus price cuts for existing members of the iPod family.

To read how the event unfolded in real time, head over to our blog channel here or read on to see the first pictures and get the full story.

First came a price cut for the iPod Classic. It's now just £179 for the one-size-fits-all 120GB model.

Then came the all new iPod nano. Gone is the squashed look of the last generation, and we're back to a slender, slimline machine. 

The new nano has an oval-shaped body, longer screen and fresh nano-chromatic colours. The 8GB model will sell for £109, the 16GB for £149.

iTunes has undergone a predictable makeover, with iTunes 8 now offering HD TV shows for download, while also adding a new 'Genius' playlist function, which suggests tracks from your library and from the iTunes Store based on what you're listening to.

The iPod Touch also got a makeover, rebranded as 'the funnest iPod ever', with an emphasis put on games from the 'Apps Store', as well as a slim new profile. Taking on the Nintendo DS, perhaps.

It will be available in 8, 16 and 32GB incarnations, for £169, £219 and £279 respectively.

As ever, we will be aiming to get hold of the new iPods for review as soon as possible, so keep your eyes peeled on




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I would like to point out that i recently purchased the

Ipod classic 160GB and returned it. I was totally disappointed with the volume level on the ipod. After

hours of tweaking the EQ and expanding the file size to 320kbts to enhance the quality which it did, the volume

just didn't cut it. I then stumbled across a forum with

a lot of people complaining about this exact problem. Only to find out that the E.U had made Apple put a volume cap on the ipod's in Europe for legal reasons.

I was left feeling duped. This information is not  made available to the public by Apple. The only countries uncapped ipods are sold are the U.S and Canada.

Gonna get my eyes tested for sure and get some more sleep...lmao the 32gb is for the Touch....doh!

Perhaps I should get my eyes tested as it say's 32GB

However no web based retailer including the online apple store has a listing for it.

The price is way to high as I stated the zen 32GB is only £150 approx making this nearly twice the price.....why?

I am perplexed as to why no 32GB version now that the competition has it & some have had it a long time i.e. the Sansa View, Creative Zen etc. They obviously have access to flash of that size as they use it in the Touch.

Perhaps Apple dont see them as competition and thats the reason it has not bothered.

The Zen 32GB is the same price as the nano 16GB...whats the deal with that!!!?

It would be great to have the bigger size for travelling as the hard drive models are a little fragile.