Hi-fi amplifiers


NAD's C326BEE amp is a real gem, but only for those with a budget system

CD players


The NAD C545BEE CD player is an excellent all-rounder that entertains like no other at this price point

Home Cinema in a Box

NAD Viso Two

Quality home cinema convenience for really not very much money at all

Home Cinema in a Box

NAD Viso 5

The Viso 5 breaks with NAD's tradition of making functional-looking kit with a sleek, classy approach to its new home cinema in a box system

Hi-fi amplifiers


It's full of punchiness and power, but this more than capable NAD is let down by its lack of subtleties.

CD players


The NAD fights its corner convincingly: robust build, disciplined soundstage and stunning levels of depths. But it needs to learn to cut loose occasio

Home cinema amplifiers

NAD T754

Outputs for two subwoofers don't make up for an underwhelming specification at this price

Radio tuners

NAD C445

This tuner is is good – very good, in fact – with a decent outdoor aerial delivering plenty of signal