Home cinema amplifiers

Marantz SR7005

Possibly the first bona fide alternative to the recognised class-leaders we've seen, this Marantz is well worth investigating

CD players

Marantz SA-KI Pearl Lite

If you prefer classical, jazz and sultry female vocals over moshing to Cradle of Filth, the Marantz SA-KI Pearl Lite is the player for you

Hi-fi amplifiers

Marantz PM-KI Pearl Lite

Marantz's Pearl Lite is an amplifier with potential. It's not the last word in sonic ability, but it's affordable, stylish and controlled

Music servers/clients

Marantz NA7004

Now much better value, dynamic sound, includes AirPlay

Blu-ray players

Marantz BD7004

Cracking Blu-ray player which continues Marantz's rich vein of form

Blu-ray players

Marantz UD8004

Until 3D-ready Blu-ray players hit the UK, this incredible player is as good as it gets at this lofty price-point

Home cinema amplifiers

Marantz SR6004

This Marantz looks the business and has a decent specification, but it's not quite dynamic enough to match up to the elite

Blu-ray players

Marantz UD9004

Expensive, for sure, but the Marantz UD9400 is one of the most talented universal players we've tested

Hi-fi amplifiers

Marantz PM6003

Excellent amplifier and a worthy Award winner still

CD players

Marantz CD6003

Best CD player up to £500, Awards 2010. Marantz has a great tradition of building superb, musical and entertaining CD players