Home Cinema in a Box


The LG HX906PA is a Blu-ray system with talent

Blu-ray players

LG BD670

Thoroughly admirable in isolation, but this money can buy even better kit


LG 42LW550T

Comes with seven pairs of 3D glasses as standard


LG 42LV550T

The LG42LV550T is a fairly cheap and relatively cheerful 42in flatscreen

Music servers/clients

LG ST600

The dinky LG ST600 streamer box is a media Tardis


LG 47LW650T

A great way to get into 3D TV, this set's passive 3D tech gives a relaxed viewing experience, and you get lots of 3D specs


LG 60PX990

Given its size, LG's 3D-toting 60PX990 is surprisingly affordable, and despite the occasional foible, we think it's great value for the money

Home Cinema in a Box


This LG has its amplification in the subwoofer, and is a more then capable system. But, good though it is, we think there's better out there


LG 42LD490

For a 42 inch television, this relatively cheap LG offers a lot. It's not the last word in subtlety, but if you're after inches it could be your thing


LG 37LD490

LG might have a habit of being inconsistent with its TVs, but in this 37 inch set it's produced a gem that punches well above its weight