Hands on: LG’s webOS smart TV interface

Hands on: LG's webOS smart TV interface

Android Smartphones & Tablets

LG G Pad

A premium 8in Android tablet that looks the part but struggles at its price in a competitive market


LG 65LA970W

The picture doesn’t have the impact of the top 4K TVs, but it’s still a fantastic watch


LG 55EA980W

Stunning black levels, punchy highlights and a natural touch with colours make this LG OLED a great first effort


LG 50PH660V

There are some things to like here, but with a picture quality that lets it down, there are other options out there that you should consider first<

Android Smartphones & Tablets


Unbridled power and thoughtful design: this is a fantastic phone

LG fulfils its 'world's first' quotient at IFA 2013

LG has launched a whopping 77 inch 4K Ultra HD OLED TV in Berlin, just in time to tick the necessary "World First" box on its IFA 2013 crib sheet


LG 32LN575V

The bells and whistles of smart apps and streaming features go a long way in making this decent-looking TV a worthwhile option


LG 42LA740V

A decent performer if you prioritise a vivid image over subtlety

Blu-ray players

LG BP730

Packed with features, but picture and sound quality just don’t hit the mark