Hi-fi speakers

KEF iQ10

From their gently curving cabinets to their intriguing UniQ tweeter/driver arrangement, from the standard of their build and finish to their confident

Hi-fi speakers


We could talk at length about the C5s’ lack of outright dynamic heft, or their rudimentary grasp of timing. But our advice is simple: don’t spend £400

Hi-fi speakers

KEF Reference 207/2

Much impressed us, from the superb wood finish to the way they looked in our largest room

Hi-fi speakers


Given KEF’s track record, we expected much better – these C3s are a real disappointment

Hi-fi speakers


They look the part, but the sonic flaws of the iQ70s are significant in number

Hi-fi speakers

KEF iQ50

They're not without deficiencies to be overcome but, at this moment and at this price, the KEFs don't have too much competition

Style speaker packages

KEF KHT2005.3

A long-established favorite made even better with a few detail tweaks and the inclusion of an all-new subwoofer

Hi-fi speakers


One of the few towers that can give equivalently priced standmounts a real scare

Dock systems

KEF Picoforte Three

Superbly made, but this system clearly needs the added presence of a subwoofer – consider additional investment in this area essential

Style speaker packages


Great performance, looks and build, but after two years at the top, the KEF now faces some tough competition