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KEF Q300 5.1

The hefty KEF Q300 5.1 system will give you no-compromise cinema sound

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KEF KHT1505s are stylish budget speakers that produce big movie sound

Hi-fi speakers

KEF Q700

First impressions are good for these imposing looking floorstanders, but it's soon apparent there's no low end discipline here

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KEF T105

Designed to complement the flatscreen fashion, the KEF T101 thin speakers make a glorious sound

Hi-fi speakers

KEF Q300

Fine, engaging standmounters, but not quite at the top anymore

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KEF KHT5005.2

Despite its smooth looks, this KEF lacks excitement compared to its nearest and most competitively priced rivals

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A hugely impressive wireless system - it's just a shame about the price-tag

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KEF KHT 2005.3-K1

KEF has introduced a more affordable version of its KHT 2005.3 speaker system using the Kube-1 subwoofer instead of the Kube-2

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KEF's excellent KHT3005SE package is now available in a more affordable version with the addition of the KUBE-2 subwoofer

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KEF KHT1005.2

Classy compact package, stylish and well-made – but could be more thrilling