Home cinema amplifiers

Harman-Kardon AVR 365

A capable AV receiver, but not a match for the best

Style speaker packages

Harman-Kardon HKTS20

The HKTS20 lacks excitement but kit-matching is less of an issue

Home Cinema in a Box

Harman-Kardon BDS 800

A decent medium-sized room system, offering style and some sonic heft, but lacking excitement

Home cinema amplifiers

Harman-Kardon AVR 660

It's good looking and well specced, but the AVR 660 doesn't pose a big threat to its rivals

Home cinema amplifiers

Harman-Kardon AVR-355

There's stiff competition at this level of the AV receiver market, so can Harman Kardon's latest offering keep up with the pack?

Multichannel power amps

Harman-Kardon AVR-255

We’re left feeling rather frustrated by the AVR-255. After wowing us with its looks and features, it falls short where it matters the most: sound qual

Dock systems

Harman-Kardon Go + Play

If you want a stylish, well made portable iPod dock with bags of bass, Harman Kardon's Go + Play will fit the bill

Home Cinema in a Box

Harman-Kardon HS250

If you fancy a 2.1 system this appealing setup is well worth a look