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Weakest link

:quest: Hi,l want to improve my cd sound.I prefer a warm sound with clarity.

System: Arcam avr400 , arcam 17 cd player and MA RX6.

Cables : Qed performance audio 2 and referances audio 1.rca

                Ultalink matrix 2.rca

Sp.Cable : MIT terminator 5

                   Qed annivasary xt

                   Qed orginal

                   Audioquest Flx 14/4





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RE: Weakest link

This is the section of the forum for showing off your system, rather than asking for advice. Try reposting in the hifi section, you'll probably get more answers there. It might help if you let us know what it is about the sound now that you don't like/want to improve on, and what your budget is.

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RE: Weakest link

Try merlin cables i had arcam 73t conected merlin cables and realy took the harshness out gave space depth that was scorpian cable back then the funnel web what it is now you can contac melin on there own web site via email or give em a call.

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