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Sonos play 1

Hello, i have a sonos play 1 and no ability to have internet at home, I can go to the library to use internet.  There is no audio jack on the speaker jjust a power cord and what looks like an ethernet port.  Is there no way to listen to music or plug it into my tv to use it.  It seem rediculous that i cant use it without internet..   Is there a cord that would allow me to connect the ethernet cord to an audio line so i can watch movies or listen to music?

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RE: Sonos play 1

this is answered here






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RE: Sonos play 1

You don't need internet but you do need a network to add the Sonos to. And no, the play:1 has no audio inputs so you can't plug anything else into it, you'd need a play:5 for that.

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RE: Sonos play 1

Why would you buy a streaming hi fi product when you don't have access to the Internet?

Did you buy it online, or did you buy it in a shop?


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