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my system fatman man and monitor audio

Fatman itube carbon edition 2, and monitor audio bronze BX2 and have them bi wired

these sound great for mumford and sons and the like really great for acoustic, but i listen to a wide range of stuff and the system really struggles with the heavy bass lead sound of modern heavy metal any ideas on improving this aspect (yes i know valves arent great with bass tones)

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Re: my system fatman man and monitor audio

Pics, please.

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Re: my system fatman man and monitor audio

Agreed PICCIES!!!

Panasonic tx p65st 50b. Pioneer Sc- lx82, bdp lx52. Monitor audio rx6 av12. Bowers & Wilkins P7. Fiio Mont Blanc. Everything Apple. Pioneer pep 4280xd. Lots of other stuff.....

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