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My system 5 weeks after moving

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Re: My system 5 weeks after moving


Great looking set upYes Whilst I'm saying 'what an awesome looking tv set-up' my wife is using the same verb about your photo's but  unfortunately with reference to your wooden floor! Bit of a sore point (like my knees) in this house at the moment as I've just finished fitting one myself. That's a wooden floor, sadly not a tv!Crying


tis a very nice shiny floor toGeeked

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RE: Re: My system 5 weeks after moving

stu31 wrote:

Got a silver one, took the front panel off, coated it in plastic primer and sprayed it satin black theres a pic in the "my stuff" thread on here



Sorry to jump on this.

Did you have to remove the casing to remove the front panel.


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