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My System :)

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Heres my system which Ive upgraded the amp and speakers this year.


Tacima CS929 Mains Cleaner

Denon AVR-1911 - Russ Andrews Power Lead with Belden cable - QED Reference HDMI to TV

B&W 685

QED Silver Anniversary XT Speaker Bi-Wire Cable with QED plugs

Apple Airport Express - Connected with QED Reference Optical

£50 Glass speaker stands from an online Hi-Fi shop, does the job for now(with a bit of bluetac under speaker corners Wink ).

PS3 Connected via QED Reference HDMI to Denon

Apple TV connected via QED Profile HDMI to Denon


Anygood? Smile

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RE: My System :)



MA PL200s, PL350C, PLW-15, PL100s, Apex, Radius, R45HDs

Marantz AV8801 -> Leema Acoustics Pyxis, Hydra II (x2) & I, Emotiva UPA-700

JRiver 19 Leema Acoustics Elements DAC Oppo BDP-103EU (multiregion) PS3 X360 Wii Virgin Tivo

Samsung PS64D8000