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My rockers system

After 3 years of trying to find the perfect kit for rock music this is what I finally own. Bliss at last 

Naim CD5X

Naim Nac122x Pre

Naim Nap150x Power

Naca5 Speaker cable & Tacima mains conditioner.

Alessandro ms2i headphones (better than grado 325i) with speaker switch box with headphone output

B&W 705 Speakers

 3000+ metal and hard rock albums

Panansonic 32 inch lcd vierra hd tv

Playstation 3

Panasonic DVD Recorder

Metal dvds




Headphone and Hifi Geek.

Ultrasone Signature Pro, Grado Ps1000, AKG K550, Ultrasone Pro900, Alessandro Ms2i, Audiofly AF160.

Naim CDX2, Nap 150, Nac 122, B&W 705 Speakers.

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Re: My rockers system

Sounds like a VERY strong line-up! Especially the 3,000 rock albums! Nice one. Hope you enjoy your system. By the way. You`ve got a PS3. Any idea if a silver edition is in the pipeline?

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