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My First real system....

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...until I get own place and a permanent job obviously  rolling on the floor laughing


(Audio Side)

Onkyo NDS-1 iPod dock

CA DacMagic2

CA Azur 340 Intergrated amp

Warfedale Diamond 9.0 Speakers


Well Ive had this set up for a week now and I'm really happy with the ease of use of the NDS-1 dock and the compatability between ipod and laptop. It means I can also use phone as a source for netflix into the tv. Having the DAC has made alot of difference to the sound given through the speakers to and Its a really comfortable sound even at a decent volume on variety of tracks. Obviously there are weak points to my system but as stated money and own place limit me now.



(Visual Side)

Yamaha YHT-196 5.1system

Sony BDP-S380

Samsung 40" Series 4 


YHT-196 : AZUR 340A : NSD-1 : DIAMOND 9.0 : BDSP-380