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My current system

 Mordaunt Short Performance 2 speakers with bespoke standsDenon 100th anniversary edition integrated ampNAD M51 DACFidelity Audio HPA-100 headphone ampShure SRH1840 headphonesFurutech ADL iHP-35ML headphone cablePersonally assembled HTPCSeagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk external driveDell U2410 monitorNetGear WNDR3800 wireless routerSamsung PN51D8000FF PDP TVChord Company Epic SuperTwin speaker cableChord Company Anthem 2 interconnectChord Company PowerChordWireworld Ultraviolet 6 HDMI cableFurutech ADL Formula 2 USB cableQED Performance Graphite optical cableOyaide Neo d+ FireWire cableRuss Andrews X2 BlockRuss Andrews PowerMax PlusiPhone 5AKG K3003i 

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RE: My current system

Nice work!  Smile

I am the danger. 

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RE: My current system

Very nice stereo. :clap:

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RE: My current system

That looks smart. Dirol

Hi-Fi - Nakamichi Dragon AV1 > AVI DM5 > AVI subwoofer

Head-Fi - Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2Di > Sennheisser HD700

Portable - Sony NWZ-A847 > Westone UM3x

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RE: My current system

Wow that's impressive!

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RE: My current system

A very clean slick looking system.

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RE: My current system

Looking really good!

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RE: My current system

Those speakers look amazing. I`ve got the Mezzo`s , but those are next on the list Smile 

Are you happy with them ? How would you describe them ? TXS

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RE: My current system

hi helix,you have a very grand system there,well done .david  

lx 508d,klyne 7 pre amp,arcam bdp 300, monachy 33 dac class a,monarchy  class a amp,kochel horn speakers,xlo limited cabling,locus design cables,clearer audio cables,siver starlight 6 hdmi,stillpoints. 

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RE: My current system


HiFi and Home theatre have been my hobby for two decades.

I gave up on multi channel speakers system years ago to concentrate on two channel one.

Several years ago I fell in love with Perfomance 6 speakers,

but I wanted standmounters so I waited.

When the Performance 2 came out, I was very excited.

There was a catch, they were not allround speakers.

I didn't want to ditch them so I tried hard to compensate the shortcomings by system matching.

(You can check out the WhatHiFi and HifiChoice reviews for the shortcomings, they are all online.)

Here's the result, Mordaunt Short & Denon & NAD working together..


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