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help me choose! :O

hi there! i am not very sure what subwoofer i should get, but i have kind of picked 2 options.

-the dali e12-f

-velodyne impact 12

what i look for is really just alot of bass, because i listen to techno, dubstep and bass heavy music i dont think that very clear and crisp bass matter that much. i got a pair of dali zensor 7's please help me! Biggrin

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RE: help me choose! :O

That's funny because I listen to a lot of bass heavy music and it is for that very reason I wan't articulate detailed tight bass from my sub rather than the flabby bludgeoning often associated with electronic music.

Sorry, haven't heard either of those subs, but seeing as this section is for showing off your system, why not try reposting in the HiFi section (or even in the home cinema section if these are home theatre subs)? You might get some more replies.

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