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Canton speakers

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I have been searching on this forum on opinions on canton speakers but have not found a lot.  However, as there are not so many good audio/hifi forums I will give it a try anyway.

I am upgrading a canton movie 25 XL set I bought 7 years ago. I recently started by replacing the center speaker by the canton cd 360 F center speaker. My intention was to complete the set with the 2 Canton CD 300 fronts of the same set (and later the 2 CD 310 surrounds).

However, I started to wonder whether it would not be better to go for a higher range floorstanding speakers as front speakers such as older versions of the Karat, GLE (490 - 470) or chrono (509 - 507) series which have recently been upgraded. Their specifications seem to be better than the CD 300. Would this be a good idea ? Is it wise to mix a center speaker of one canton set with fronts of another set ?

I predominantly use the speakers for dvd's but want them to be a good option for music as well. 




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Re: Canton speakers

You may want to move this into the home cinema section, you may get a few more responses.


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Re: Canton speakers


This section is to showoff ones system. Hope Mr E moves it.


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