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sony vaio xl range


I'm toying with the idea of going down the Sony Vaio XL route as it offers all i want, blue ray and 1080p and will keep the wife happy on the pc side of things.

Has any of you guys/gals gort one, what are your thoughts, blue ray quality, future upgrades etc?



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Re: sony vaio xl range

 Sorry, Chris, for the lack of response. You might do better to ask our partners in crime at Stuff - the same log-in you use here should get you in there, too.

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Re: sony vaio xl range

cheers, thanks for your help, you are turning in to a right little santas helper lol

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Re: sony vaio xl range

I have seen this runnig on a X series Bravia, and it looks fantastic playing blu-ray and is a mighty good pc to boot. Bearing in mind only the top of the range model does blu-ray.

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