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I currently heading down the computer based music path. I have an four year old router, but I know bandwidth can be an issue for home networks. Do you think my router would be up to it? Any recommendations for replacements? Links to Amazon would be great if that's allowed.

Any pointers on places to look for info on wireless networks?


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Re: Router

Bandwidth can be an issue, but generally more for video than music. Your router is probably a 'b' wireless one and ought to be ok, but it's worth upgrading to 'g' or 'n'. I happen to use Belkin ('g'), but Netgear are the other brand of note. If you do go the 'n' route, any 'g' device on your network (like an iPod Touch remote control, for example) immediately downgrades it to 'g'...

PC World, eBuyer, Amazon are the places to look. Is your modem (cable or ASDL or whatever) separate or do you have a combined modem/router? If the latter it's important to know what kind of internet connection you have if you're going to replace it with a new combi.


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Re: Router

Im currently on Virgin Broadband with a separate router modem. If I was going to replace that with a new combi how do i check what kind of connection I have?

I may be moving in a few months to a non cable area. BT is one of the only options. From a quick look at their web site it appears to be 'n'. I might just be better waiting for that as it does come free with the package?

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Re: Router

It's been a while since I was on cable but it used to be the set to box was the modem and then I ran some network cable to a router and ran the network form that, if this is still the case and you are with Virgin you need a cable modem.  If you are moving to a non-cable area however this will be useless if you get a internet connection through a BT line as it will need a modem built in.  It is possible to buy a modem and attach it to the router you got for Virgin but this seems a bit of a hassle.  If I were you I would wait until you know where you will be based and buy the hardware you need.  Of course, this is completely useless advice if cable companies have changed the way you run an internet connection through them Smile

If you are moving there are tons of options on who supplies your boradband, you don't just have to go with BT becuase it is an 'n' router.  Use the comparrison websites out there to find the best deal for you and your useage and if the company supplies a router ask what it is and hunt down some reviews before you sign on the dotted line.  Some companies allow you to use your own routers and there are really good ones out there, the one that pops to mind is a D-Link which has won plenty of awards.

In my case I went with Sky where you have to use their router for various reasons (Netgear - very good and stable) but I bought a new antennae for it for about £11 and this significantly improved my signal strength and coverage in the house (a tall, thin terrace) so now there are no blank spots anywhere!

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