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Musings on my iPhone contract and iPhone vs iTouch ... blah... etc. (Tedium warning.)

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RE: Wi-fi


I got it today and it sounds a lot better than the old one (3GS 8GB) via AirPlay.

I got £137 for the old 3GS 8GB against the cost of the new one with O2's recycle scheme. So I opted for the 32GB iPhone 4 which cost me £106 after the trade-in. 

Now I can sync my entire iTunes with bags of room left over. (All of my iTunes stuff is 256K AAC VBR.)

I know this one sounds better/clearer because I can now hear faint background hiss again from my old BBC FM recordings. (Evident from AirPlay on the laptop + iTunes but lacking via AirPlay on the old 3GS.)

Thanks Apple for not launching iPhone 5 before today.



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RE: Wi-fi

chebby wrote:

John's £510  iPhone 4 (presumably the 16GB) + his £10 per month deal would cost £690 over 18 months but would not have enough capacity for me to sync everything I need with enough spare to add more in future.

It was the 16gig, yes, since I tend to sync an offline Spotify playlist or two and be done with it, and if I want to listen to something else I listen over 3G. 

I'll be interested to see how iCloud works - it may download stuff to the phone on the fly when you play it?  I'm presuming there has to be some sort of contingency for people who have 70gig music libraries...


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