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Best Speakers

I recently got a Leema Pulse II amp and StreamII CD player.  I have them connected to KEF IQ30 speakers but am not happy with the sound.  Its a bit top heavy.  Can anyone reccomend a Speaker that will give a more well rounded smooth sound and a deeper bass.  I could probably spend in the order of £1000-£1400.

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Re: Best Speakers

You will probably get as many recommendations as replies but I will start the ball rolling with the KEF Q900. Superb value for money.

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Re: Best Speakers

I agree with Nick, the Q900's are excellent speaker.

The main problem here is that there's not that many speakers that are smooth nowadays, although anybody's interpretation of smooth is going to be different to the next person's. An alternative would be the Spendor A5's which are extremely smooth, but won't quote have the impact and depth of the Q900's.

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Re: Best Speakers

Charios are very smooth.

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