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Airplay dilemma

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Hi guys not a regular poster but im in need of help.

Firstly, let me say i have done plenty of research!


I am trying to expand my Airplay setup, at present i have :

Living Room: Denon AVR 1912/Diamond 10.6

Bedroom: Airport Express/Audio engine A5


Now for the kitchen!

The issue im having is i really want to keep things simple, no amp, no additional airport express... you get the point and my budget is no more than £200. When researching all in one airplay speakers i find that many reviews contradict one another, i understand opinions will vary but im finding one review saying that a speaker is completely rubbish yet another is saying its the best they have ever heard! So heres what ive considered so far...

Onkyo - ABX-N300 £150

Pure - Countour 200i Air £168

Altec Lansing inAir 5000- £200

Sony - SANSS410 - £150

After initial research i thought the Altec was the way to go but as i continue reading about it as mentioned above its either "AMAZING!!!!" or "utter rubbish and lacks clarity". I also considered the new pioneer airplay speaker but after hearing a demo i wasnt impressed.

Any input would be awesome guys n  gals!




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RE: Airplay dilemma

Not what you want to hear, but I'd be tempted to "replicate" your bedroom set-up with Audio Engine A2s (the smaller ones).  Otherwise, Sonos Play 3 (although slightly above budget). 


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RE: Airplay dilemma

I had the InAir 5000 for a few days when I got it for a bargain £99.95:


It did drop audio quite a few times.

Sold it.


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RE: Airplay dilemma

yeah bigboss i saw your post when you got it, its one of the top results when you google the altec. I really like the sonos but as their far overpriced in my opinion and dont facy forking out for the Sonos connect etc as i like to be able to plasy all speakers at the same time.

Thanks for the advice guys, still unsure but will give an update when i eventually make a decision... i could see my budget getting blown ha!

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RE: Airplay dilemma

+1 what juzzie wuzzie and bigboss said - you migt also get capacity issues. Sonos is definitely worth a look longer term.