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A Nice Quiet NAS

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Hi All,


Looking into a NAS to take over from my USB drive plugged into my ASUS rt-n56u router but I want it to be really nice and quiet.


I've looked at the Synology DS211J which ticks a lot of boxes but not really mentioning sound level.  It will have to be stored on the landing where it will probably be heard as we can here the external USB drive currently humming away when it's active.  The only other location would be in the attic but then it can get down to about -30c in there during the winter silenced


Anyway, any advice is appreciated...







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RE: A Nice Quiet NAS

With Synology NAS you have some control over noise. There are three Fan speed mode options - Cool Mode, Quiet Mode & Low-Power Mode.

My NAS is currently set to Low-Power Mode and resides in my second bedroom, I can only hear it when I'm in the same room.


According to the spec of the DS211j the operating temperature range is 5c to 35c so sticking it in the attic would not be recommended - http://www.synology.com/products/spec.php?product_name=DS211j


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RE: A Nice Quiet NAS

My Buffalo Linkstation bog standard NAS sits behind the telly in my listening room, Cant hear it even when evrything is quiet. Certainly if you are listening to something noise is simply not an issue


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