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New member - advice sought re full house TV/Audio set up

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Good evening all – excellent forum and I am very keen to learn from the experts! I want to enter the 21st Century in tech terms (owning one 9yr old TV currently) with the purchase of an excellent TV (highly likely the Panasonic P50VT50) - which in turn forms a core element of a wider integrated house system. This would need to incorporate the following in an older, period property

- from a TV audio perspective, a good quality set of surround sound/cinema sound speakers. This won't be "home cinema" in its truest sense as I don't want a 60"+ screen, but quality sound is important (Sonos sound bar?).
- from a wider audio perspective, (discrete) installation of quality wireless speakers in certain rooms of the house (Bowers and Wilkins appear to have some quality options) to allow music to stream wirelessly from an existing Apple Mac which contains our digital music library.
- capacity for different audio to be played in different rooms concurrently.

I have had a good look online here and got a little lost to be honest. Sonos seems to be a leading light in multi-room audio (and in the TV audio), but feedback on this would be good.

I would be looking for a provider to ideally work with me on the installation - so a well respected outfit who were not going to charge the earth but would provide quality service specific to the house/rooms. Sevenoaks seem to offer this service, but as do Richer Sounds etc. Thoughts appreciated.

There would be no need for a separate CD/radio unit given the Mac could handle both (albeit I accept not the same sound quality I am sure).

Many thanks for any input..