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I seem to have the same issue

I seem to have the same issue. I just registered and posted a new thread after which I got the message:

"Forum topic Would you get a used high-end plasma or budget 4k TV? has been created."

However when I checked the forum where I posted it ( http://www.whathifi.com/forums/tvs-and-projectors ) there is no such new thread. Noticed I had some kind of activation email in the inbox, so I clicked the link and logged in again. Tried re-creating the thread but the same thing happened. I.e. got the confirmation but no thread is visible.

Is there anything I can do about this? Being slightly wiser I emailed myself the contents of the post so that I can try again later (or more probable use another forum if this one isn't working at all).

I really wish you would inform the user in some way if you are going to delete their first threads as this is of course quite frustrating. Of course if you just moderate the new users posts for spam, them perhaps a different message would be in order.

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it has happened to me 4 times

it has happened to me 4 times and still happening help


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Happened to me as well..

Happened to me as well..

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Same for me - My post in the "Your system" forum dissaperd.

I posted in the "Your system" forum yesterday, and it did not show up! At first I thaught it was a glitch so i re-poseted it, but then when i did not show up for a second time I knew something was wrong.

Can an admin please sort this out for me.

Yours Sincerly: Elliott Veares

A Hi-Fi without a Turntable is a sin to experince. Long live vinyl!

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Sonos playbar or midrange HT package

Hi, Posted this in the home cinema section but disappeared. Will try here to see if i can avoid the spam filter.

I have just become the proud owner of a Sony Bravia KD55X8505 4k led tv, and now need to upgrade my sound system. At present I have an old Samsung DVD 5.1 home cinema in a box but feel I need to invest in something better. Most of our viewing is done via a sky HD box and I am an avid gamer using a Playstation 4. The room in question is about 6m x 5m.

My budget is around the £500 mark but could stretch a little for the right product. I am looking for some help and advice as I am not the most knowledgeable on this subject.


I currently have a stereo pair of play 1’s in the room (I am very happy with the sound when streaming music via deezer or from a NAS). I am unsure whether to go for a Sonos soundbar (the stretch) and add the sub at a later date or use something like the Sony BDV- N5200W or ONKYO HT- 54505(B) set up. I have a play 3 in another room which could also be utilised.

Is there any other system that could utilise the play 1’s as rear speakers through an AV receiver, or is this only possible with connect or connect amp which would probably use too much or my budget.

So to summarise, should I add a Sonos soundbar to my play 1’s, go for something like Sony BDV- N5200W, or piece together some other system that will use the play 1’s as rear speakers saving me money, allowing for better components for the rest of the set up.


Any help or suggestions will be gratefully received.

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hi all im french .... already

hi all im french .... already sorry for my english not so good Sad
i have same problem  ... i would open 1 topic for people help me but can t

if someone can help me thx Smile

i would post that : hi im french then my english not so good sorry Sad


i read this review Philips HTL5140 : http://www.whathifi.com/philips/htl5140/review ... 

i think this is good for me .... and this review is very good ... but price for this model in france now is 300euros 

but for this model up PHILIPS HTL6140B in france this time her prices is 400euros less 20%.... then good price ...

but i dont find review for this model....

then i search somes kinds peoples can giver me her help for i buy good models .... Smile


u think HTL6140B will be really better than HRL5140B????

thx for all and im really sorry for my level in english Smile

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i try post that 5 or 6 times

i try post that 5 or 6 times but always cant Sad


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