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Hi - decided to register as my (very) old, but trusty and longtime companion (Pioneer stack system)   embarassed   has finally died after 25+ years..

Been looking on the 'net all morning at possible replacements, and after going round in many circles decided to come here...


First impresions, really impressed with the site excellent!   , hoping to 'find' my new system here and try and catch up on what I've missed in the past 25 years   Shock    puzzled    !!!


Main hobbys / interests are now mostly online racing (iRacing/GT5)  as knee injury   doh!    put a stop to my real loves - football & mountain biking.   Stuck in a time warp at  the moment, with most "favourites"  being old skool - music, films, cars & TV..








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RE: Hi...

Firstly welcome to the forum.

For the maximum chance of help you are best advised to give your budget, what you want the kit to do, your room size and any particular preferences or no-nos.


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RE: Hi...

Hey padded hello or goodbye


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