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Hello 1st Time on any Forum & need any helpful advice

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My name is Dai, i've been buying / reading what Hi-Fi for a number of years now.
My love of music / Sound goes back to my childhood, listening to home made tapes on my Sony walkman.
Ever since I started work, at 17 years of age I saved up & purchased my first seperates hi-fi system. I'm now 44 !
Over the years I have upgraded each of my components, to carry on listening to all genres of music, alternative & Rock my favourite.
Over the last 10 years since moving to our house, we have renovated each room.
It took me about 3 years to complete/ purchase my 7:1 surround sound system for my room.
It consists of a Panasonic Vierra 42" Plasma T.V.
A Sony BDP-S363 Blueray player
Onkyo TX-SR 608 AV Reciever,
3 x B&W F.P.M 4 Speakers for Front
4 X M-1 B&W rear satelite speakers
REL Storm Subwoofer.
It sounds fantastic ! But the wife thinks it's too LOUD !
Anyway I.m now ready to set -up my old Hi-fi into a room which will be vacant in 2 weeks time.
But my C.D. player Arcam Diva C.D 72 & Amp, Cyrus 6 are 10 years old now. So I'm in two minds what to do ?
Just add Speakers ? or part ex and Change the lot ? I need advice ? Hopefully I'll get some , Thanks



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RE: Hello 1st Time on any Forum & need any helpful advice

Hi daifos

Welcom to the forum!

it would help to know your budget, room dimentions, if you like floorstand or bookshelfs speakers? 

What kind of sound sig that you want to accomplish with you new stereo system? Vivid and detaild, predominant bass, and so on...


all the best

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RE: Hello 1st Time on any Forum & need any helpful advice

Hello HI-Fi Outlaw,

                                  Thanks for reply. I have only a budget of £300 at the moment for a pair of speakers. so I was considering auditioning a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 121's or the Monitor audio Bronze BX2's ? I am toying with the idea of saving the extra £80 to listen to a pair of Q Acoustics 2050i ? Haven't a clue ? What's Best for my old Amp & C.D player.

I already have a sturdy pair of Speaker stands. So not bothered wether i have Bookshelf or floorstanding speakers.

I was advised a number of years ago by a top Hi-Fi chain, that i need to spend around £600 on the speakers to do my seperates justice & not to let it down ? I don't know if that's true ?

My room is an open plan part of the old dining room ( L shaped ) which is attached to the kitchen. It is only Nearly 8 foot wide & 11 foot long.

The sound that i like, has to have a deep Bass. But i still like to hear all of the detail. If that makes any sense ? I listen to mostly Rock & Alternative Music. Everything from the Foo Fighters, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Dark angels, To Trance Dance Music to Goldfrapp & Punk.

I also want to set up my old Dual Turntable back up, so will need a phono stage. I was thinking of enquiring if the ? Rega phono Mini A2D Phono stage will be suitable for my system ?

Hope you can give me some ideas, Cheers