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Dimwit requires info on Leak 3090 speakers.

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I apologise for not being audio-teccy but just liking what I hear..

Hello, we purchased a pair of refurbished 3090 Leak speakers over 10 years ago and have just replace our crackling 35 yrs old amp and 21 yr old cd unit.

We have been amazed at what we are hearing through the updated system (Denon PMA 720 AE & DCD720 CD).

Here's the question,

We do not know what the controls are for on the 3090 speakers, they are LMR,HMR&ISO.

What do they stand for? What do they do?

Hope someone can advise.


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RE: Dimwit requires info on Leak 3090 speakers.

Congratulations on owning some memorable classics!  THe controls are Lower Midrange, Upper Midrarange and ISO is for the Isodynamic Ribbon Tweeter.  If in good working order you will not need a subwoofer with these! Magnificent! Smile

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RE: Dimwit requires info on Leak 3090 speakers.

I have a pair of Leak 3090 spkrs;  they can give excellent results if used with a good amplifier: In the right system they can give  a massive soundstage with awesome dynamic range & drama when playing something like Mahler 2, Talk Talk......etc. Although SACDs/DVD-As were not invented when these spkrs were designed, they very clearly demonstrate the huge increase in dynamic range cf CDs.

Whilst they are sensitive/efficient, the reactance of the complex passive crossover reduces small amplifiers to shaking jellies; the resulting sound being confused, dull, boomy & uninvolving.

I am using a Bryston 4BSST power amp & the bass knocked over my birthday cards 12 metres away ! Seriously, the Bryston controls these difficult spkrs like a vice & it is possible to hear very, very quiet sounds that were inaudible with lesser amps.

I have been using this combo for a few years & the tweeters have not blown yet either (I do have  a spare set fortunately !)

If anyone else is still using these spkrs, it is well worth 'exercisiing' &  treating the attenuator pots with De-Oxit regularly, as well as any drive unit faston connectors (I have soldered mine). When the attenuator pots oxidise the result is severely reduced output from the 3 mid/tweeter drive units. Also the 15" bass drivers should be rotated through 180 deg to prevent sagging (& potential voice coil scrape !).

Enjoy Smile