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Why isn't motion blurring/judder a thing of the past?

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I'm sure this has been asked in the past, but why do many new TV's still suffer with motion blurring/judder etc?  It puzzles me - probably because I'm no expert...  but I cannot understand why a manufacturer can design a new TV which results in excellent reviews with no reported judder for example, then 8 months later the same manufacturer brings out a new model with suffers from judder...>>

There must be a technical reason for this which I'm unaware of?  It's like they master the problem and then sometimes take a step backwards on a new model.  By using this knowledge, I would’ve thought by now manufacturers would be able to avoiding these problems before they even start designing new models?  Or if not, at least after finishing the prototype, they see the TV does suffer from judder, why not the fix the problem before putting the TV's into production??>>

Of course, I appreciate new technical innovations won't always be perfect first time around, and will gradually improve on subsequent models as the technology improves until perfected... but surely manufacturers don't have to re-invent the wheel each time when it comes to common types of problem picked up in magazine reviews etc?



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Re: Why isn't motion blurring/judder a thing of the past?

Hi jason tv tech has moved on so much over the last 2 years.the cheaper end of the tv market is the one to avoid,also some of the amazing deals you see around for tvs a stupid prices,these will be older models,so well worth avioding,just read the reviews,and look at some that take your fancy,also its worth noting is how you watch your tv,will you have blu-ray,sky hd,freesat,cable,or just watching freeview?,more sd pictures you will be better with 100htz or even 200htz,set up right can produce stunning pictures, but 50htz is not in the sence that lcd/led backlight screens are alway on,if the signel that can produce judder.broadcast stuff has changed,and tv pictures can be downscaled,a classic programme is home&away on five if you look at that(for test only lol)some people have said that the picture is too good.just let your eyes be the judge,and you will never look back.


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Re: Why isn't motion blurring/judder a thing of the past?

most times judder comes from the way movies are recorded.so 100 hz eliminates some of that probelm.motion blurring its another diffrerent story.the only tv i notice some blurring these days is the 5 series samsung.


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Re: Why isn't motion blurring/judder a thing of the past?

The technology for flat HD TVs is not nailed down yet. I miss my dead Loewe CRT (new Philips 9664 probably on the way though).