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Which one of these 32" 100Hertz LCD is best

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Re: Which one of these 32" 100Hertz LCD is best

Well i apologise for stirring up a tiny hornet's nest with my first post and was wondering could my S3000 have some faults, as some of my HD dvd's are the worst offenders.

The reason for my first post was, i'm disabled and may have to stay in the same room for long periods, the room isn't that big so hence i wanted to keep the tv down to 32".  So i thought i would treat myself and set up a home cinema system with a HDTV, i did my research for the tv's in my price range and made my choice, the Sony S3000.

This was my first experience with HDTV and the problems i've mentioned with the set are entirely personal and other people may not be effected by these problems but for me i'd rather have a drop in picture quality then these effect as they irratate me just enough to spoil what i'm watching.

I could only afford one chance at getting it right but i have decided that i must change it and needed some advice from experienced people with HDTV's, i'd just like to turn it on, dime the lights and just enjoy, not having to constantly change the colour, back light etc when i change sides or the light level changes, but these are minor things and i think it has a fantastic picture but it's the motion blur that is making me change.

I do find it far worse in low light as this must make it stand out that much more, i've been looking at some recommended plasma's and i was very impressed with them and think i could go up to 37" and thank you all for your input.