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Which LCD HD tv?

Hello I am want to buy a LCD tv and am looking at the Samsung LE40S73BDX 40in going for £799 at the moment, the size will go with my living room and am thinking of samsung for their good tv's and dont want to be spending much more than £800. What do you think of this tv or is there better ones in this range and price? Thanks Luke

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Re: Which LCD HD tv?

that does seem very cheap. the Toshiba 37C3030DB got good reviews, especially for its off-air picture, and you can find it online for £849 from John Lewis. not bad?


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Re: Which LCD HD tv?

 Empire Direct are going £599 for the Tosh 37C3030DB.  You can find a 10% off voucher online and then get another 2% by going to the Emipre Direct website through the Quidco website.  I did this last week and have just received my TV.  Total cost: £530.  See this months What Hi Fi magazine for a very positive review of the screen.

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