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Which 32" TV to buy ?

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Hi guys I am in need of some help and advise with regard to purchasing a new 32" TV.
I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good model somewhere between £300-£550 range. I'm not worried about the set having 3D as I don't think I would really use that but I would like it to be full HD.
Any thoughts guys ?
Many thanks

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32" TV

Could do a lot worse than my LG 32LS5600. Has a fabulous picture, wonderful motion for the money. Doesn't have the 'bells and whistles' of some brands, but if you want a TV to be TV. It cost me £360, but the price has dropped to £299. Gutted? you bet. Shock


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RE: 32" TV

Our Best Buy is the Sony KDL-32HX753 from around £579, but if that's too much the Finlux 32F8030-T we've just tested in the Feb issue is terrific value at £280 and includes iPlayer.


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