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W2000 vs D300 vs pioneer PDP-428XD

I know the Sony comparison seems to be a common topic and one on which I'm divided. I'm after a 40in set for my main room and am unashamedly a Sony fan. However, my girlfriend has fallen in love with the look of the Pioneer. Having not seen the quality of either the D3000 or the pioneer, can somebody please shed some light.

Many thanks

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Re: W2000 vs D300 vs pioneer PDP-428XD

Sony W2000 coming on next wednesday. Will let you know what i think. Bit anxious as my Philips 32 crt is stunning and was product of the year in 03 or 04. My loss is my parents gain! The Sony looks fantastic though and i got it for under a K.

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Re: W2000 vs D300 vs pioneer PDP-428XD

The Pioneer PDP4270XD which you can now get for around £998.00 on Currys/Dixon's websites (Only 1 HDMI Though) and the 427XD better with 2 HDMI's for around £1,100.00 from quite a few sites all had good reviews. Problem now, is that ( would you believe) anyone who bought a TV say in the last 12 months now has an out of date TV owing to the fact that the new one's are more future proofed with 1.3 HDMI versions such as the SONY KDL-40D3000 and PIONEER PDP-428XD.

I have seen the 4270XD/427XD and 428XD in action and also the KDL-40D3000.

All 3 Pioneers are great.Sound is above average but where they really seem to excel is in Colour.If you really want a Pioneer, I would suggest you hang on until say the 428XD comes doen in price. Currently it's £1,595 on the Dixons website-My guess it will come down to around £1,299 by Christmas. It's also had 1.3 HDMI connectivity and will doubtless go extremely well with either of Pioneers 2 new Upscaling DVD players DVD 400 and 600 , the 400 being fine if you only want to use the TV's existing sound. I also believe that the 428XD can also take 1080p/24 like the SONY KDL-40D3000

However, the KDL-40D3000 LCD is a lovely TV.I saw a SKY HD recording in the SONY shop displaying the TV, of Ghostbuters, and I was in awe by the what I can only describe as a supreme, often, 3 dimensional picture......You could almost reach out and touch the actors.......It was wonderful and the detail was there for all to see. I originally thought about the Pioneer but am now seriously considering the SONY because in my opinion, the overall picture is better. Moreover, you can get the SONY from a SONY shop for £1,299.99 including a 5 Year Warranty or alternatively I have seen it on some websites between £885 and £943...that's currently £600 cheaper than the Pioneer. The smaller KDL-D3000 was reported to produce excellent standard definition and from what I saw of Freeview on the SONY...it was quite impressive, although anyone with a normal SKY BOX ( not SKHDTV) should experience even better pictures especially too if you were to upgrade your SKY DISH for at least a 60CM one to give a better signal.

Many people will still want to watch Standard Definition TV like me, because of the high monthly costs involved with Upgrading with new cable, new SKY BOX and almost £50.00 a month for a glut of channels.So if you can get a TV with nr CRT picture quality great. 

I haven't yet decidied proper myself, because I also want to audition ( what manny are saying could be the TV of 2007 along with the SONY) the Toshiba 42WLT68 for around £1,200.00 due to the fact it's ONKYO sound system, excellent SD and HDTV are being raved about. The SONY's sound is above average but I am told the the Toshiba 42WLT68's sound is great, and that with it's SD performace alone may swing it for me, even though it has 1.2 HDMI connectivity.............But like so many reviews seem to suggest...........can you really.....really tell the difference?

If I don't like the Toshiba,( because I would ideally like a 42ins TV as opposed to a 40ins one)  then I will go for the SONY no question.

Apart from whathifi reviews which are great you will also see other reviews of these TV's ( albeit only for the KDL-32D3000) on www.hdtvtest.co.uk and www.hdtvorg.co.uk

Good luck and all the best with your ultimate choice








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Re: W2000 vs D300 vs pioneer PDP-428XD

Well thank you very much for a detailed and informative response. It looks like the D3000 is going to be the likely option. However, when I went to John Lewis today to try and see one (wasn't on display), the gentleman there said that Sony will be releasing a full HD version of the D series TV in a couple of months. This has further confused the matter. So I might wait until Autumn before buying the TV now.


Thanks again. 

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Re: W2000 vs D300 vs pioneer PDP-428XD


If you want to see the KDL-40D3000 in action see if you can fuind a local SONY shop near you on


My concern with so called Full HD is that there's far too much surrounding the phenomena.

1366 X 768 is a great viewing experience and in my opinion there's probably no better TV's out there right now than the KDL-40D3000, Toshiba 42WLT68 and the new Pioneer PDP4280XD. You will probably only notice a difference between 1920 X 1080 and 1366 X 768 from about 3/4 Ft away..............From about 6/8ft you will have to get to microscope out, and don't forget that both the SONY and PIONEER with their 1.3 HDMI connectivity will take a 1080p/24 feed from DVD. Happy hunting


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