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Please help me choose one of these TV's

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I'm tyring to figure out which TV I should but. The LG 32LM620T or LG 32LS570T. 


My friend has the LG 32LS570T. I realized that the black levels are poor. As in, when we played Xbox 360 game, L.A. Noire, the dark sceen were unplayable unless I change the brightness to very high. This is noted in Techrader review of the same screen but 42inch version.


But the  LG 32LM620T doesn't seem to have that issue since Whathifi did not metion it in the review.

LG 32LS570T Review:



LG 32LM620T Review:




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RE: Please help me choose one of these TV's

Bump for the OP.

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RE: Please help me choose one of these TV's

Well, as we say in our review of the LM620T: 

"The Blu-ray set of Joss Whedon’s Firefly is a great test of contrast, black depth and detail, with so much of it being shot in the dark interiors of the ship Serenity.

The LG does a great job in all cases – there’s plenty of detail in shadowy corners, and textures are rendered with a realistic touch."

So we certainly had no problems with black details.


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