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"Playback not available" in sony KDL-32W670A?

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My downloaded movies are watch in Sony KDL-32W670A via USB....last few days some movies mp4 format files not playing after running above 30 minutes....kindly suggest....

I was updated up to date (30 Aug 2013-PKG3.710GAA). My problem is... i was playing mp4 movie files via USB...after running few minutes shows with black screen "Playback not available".

Same USB plugged in my pc it was playing good. I also checked movie file its 100% download completed..



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RE: "Playback not available" in sony KDL-32W670A?

I'm assuming the reason nobody has replied to this is the same reason that I haven't - that

anyone dumb enough to have a swastica icon should be avoided.

Did flag the post as offensive but mods seem to be asleep or indifferent.

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RE: "Playback not available" in sony KDL-32W670A?

It's possibile people haven't replied is that they don't know the answer.


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