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Picture quality on flat-panel TVs

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I've been interested in getting an LCD (or possibly plasma) TV for some time, to replace my ageing Sony Wega 32" 100Hz conventional CRT TV.

However, every demo I have seen has been dreadful.  Although there are variations in picture quality between different makes, they all look awful compared to my CRT.  Noisy, smeary, unnatural colours - nothing I have seen even comes close to the 'old technology'.

Why is this never mentioned in reviews ?

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Re: Picture quality on flat-panel TVs

We do regularly mention smeary sets, CS. And yes, CRT still rocks - but try buying one today. Or a ticket on Concorde. So is progress - we can only direct you in the direction of the best sets you can buy. And flatscreens are getting a lot, lot better.

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