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Panasonic TV fails to switch on - fix

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Appologies if this is old news.

Had an engineer in to look at my (2008 purchased) TX32 LMD70A Panasonic TV yesterday.

Problem was TV would not always start up when pressing the power button on the remote or on the TV (depends how you switch off as to what happens when you switch on. If you switch off from standby the TV resumes in standby. If you switch off from viewing the TV resumes in viewing mode).

Anyway I had called Pansonic who told me flat there was no known fault with this TV that could cause this problem. As I had extended Richer Sound protection called them and they arranged an engineer to come. He told me that this is a well known problem with all 2007 / early 2008 Pansonics and is to do with getting the backlight to start up. In stalled a known software upgrade issued bt Panasonic. So far all seems well.

Wonder why Panasonic could not have mentioned this to me? - very poor customer service from them. No

Great, fuss-free support from Richer Sound Yes