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Info for Phillips 21:9 review

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As the latest copy of WHF is now in shops. I assume I'm ok to post this. 


Just a few comments on the review. 4 stars is a fair score I think. 


3D - to switch to 3d. When you put a 3d disc in your player the tv detects this. It asks if you want to switch to 3d. No need to do the menus thing. 

Sound - think its generally agreed that flatscreens don't do sound. However, I can confirm it's a heck of a lot better than my previous Samsung (which was just horrible). In fact when watching normal TV I very often listen through the tv rather than my amp. 

Picture - when watching normal 16:9 TV, if you select widescreen, it fills the screen, the whole cropping stretching is very well done and not really noticeable (other reviews I've seen have complimented this). . I wouldn't recommend auto fill as it makes any 4:3 look a little odd   Watching normal tv on this wider screen is really rather nice. 

The Ambilight really is good. 


Films is where it really shows its stuff. 


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